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Nintendo Registers ‘Portable Video Device’ With Korea RRA

By Joel Palermo, April 19, 2014 5

On Friday, a registration certificate for a ”small video player” submitted by Nintendo appeared on Korea’s National Radio Research Agency (RRA).

Aside from a model number and the device’s country of origin, little information is known about the recent certification. For those who are curious, the RRA serves as a hub for radio wave research in Korea. If any other details about the device surface, we’ll be sure to update the story.
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Varia Games Releases Prologue Story For 2D-Platformer ReVeN

By Joel Palermo, April 19, 2014 2

ReVeN developer Varia Games has just recently released a full prologue story – written by Josh Brake and edited by Paulina Cabrera – for its upcoming 2D-platformer that details the key events leading up to the start of Syrek’s adventure. You can read the full prologue here, accompanied by a pretty snazzy background track that adds to the story’s ambiance. Also, make the jump to view a statement directly from Varia Games pertaining to the prologue itself.
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New Super Smash Bros Screenshots From This Week

By Harrison Bolin, April 18, 2014 3

Check out this week’s newest screenshots for Super Smash Bros. Greninja, who was announced as a playable character in the latest Nintendo Direct, is featured in this weeks photos. Nintendo’s latest game will be released on the 3DS sometime this summer, and the Wii U version in the winter.

Make the jump for the full gallery of photos.

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Mario Kart 8

Nintendo Show-Casing Mario Kart 8 at WonderCon

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 18, 2014 0

Nintendo recently revealed at a press event that they will be attending WonderCon to showcase 5 games, one of them being Mario Kart 8. WonderCon is a comic convention in Anaheim, California that will take place April 18-20. The other 4 titles are Mario Golf: World Tour, Disney Magical World, Kirby: Triple Deluxe and Yoshi’s New Island, all belonging to the 3DS.
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Super Mario 3D Land

Nintendo to Cut Prices of Five Best-Selling 3DS Titles

By William Bishop, April 18, 2014 8

As of April 22nd, Nintendo will be dropping the prices of five of their best-selling 3DS Games: Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario Kart 7, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and, believe it or not, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. These games will all be cut down to $29.99 for both physical copies and digital download.

Selling around 9 million copies each for Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, as well as 7 million for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it seems that the 25% price drop could very well put them in the 10 million range.
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Skylanders Was Almost a Nintendo Exclusive

By Caleb Lindquist, April 17, 2014 1

According to Polygon‘s interview with the creators of the ingenious Skylanders Swap Force series Toys For Bob, Nintendo could have had Skylanders all to themselves, with the liberty to add their own characters such as Pokemon, Link, Samus, and Mario. Hit the jump  to learn more.

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Rumor: Nintendo Might be Releasing a Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle

By Joel Palermo, April 17, 2014 12

Box art for a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle has surfaced thanks to French site Gameblog. According to the image above, the bundle will include a 32 GB Wii U and Gamepad, Mario Kart 8 and a seven day trial for Wii U Karaoke. No pricing information was released with the images, but if anything is confirmed we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.
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Poll: Will Super Smash Bros. Give Wii U Some Much Needed Momentum?

By Ben Lamoreux, April 16, 2014 40

Wii U sales have not gotten off to the strong start Nintendo had hoped for, and a big part of that is due to a lack of ‘must have’ first party titles. Recent releases like Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze provided only small, temporary boosts, but there may be no Nintendo title that gets people as excited as Super Smash Bros. does. Can Smash Bros. on Wii U help the struggling console turn things around? Cast your vote and join the debate!

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Watch Dog Spider

Watch Dogs Has Robots

By William Bishop, April 16, 2014 1

It’s been made apparent in some previous screenshots and trailers that Watch Dogs will feature some “strange” things, and evidently, massive, robotic spiders are taking the frame in this picture. How do we know? Thanks to a screenshot from Imgur by a user named, quite appropriately, Leakythings.

After the mecha dragons and flaming head zombies revealed in a the trailer shown below, it definitely causes us to ponder just how many elements of strangeness and uniqueness will unveil themselves a month from now with the release of the game.
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Poll: Does Little Mac’s One Hit K.O. Punch Give Him an Unfair Advantage in Super Smash Bros.?

By Joel Palermo, April 12, 2014 50

Amongst a variety of Super Smash Bros. details revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct, one of the most interesting topics discussed was Little Mac’s move set, which includes a one hit K.O. move called K.O. Uppercut. Once Little Mac builds up his power meter – an exclusive fighting component to his character at this time – by either dealing damage or taking damage, players will be able to utilize his one hit K.O. move at their discretion.

Details as to how easy it will be to connect with this move are still unknown, but the entire concept of giving a single character an insta-kill move has begged us to ask the question – does Little Mac’s K.O. Uppercut give him an unfair advantage against other players? Sure, Little Mac is extremely weak when it comes to aerial combat, but does that warrant giving him such a unique and powerful move? Make the jump to take the poll and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

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smash release dates

Poll: Are You More Excited For Super Smash Bros. 3DS or Wii U?

By Ben Lamoreux, April 11, 2014 11

For the first time in the history of the franchise, Super Smash Bros. will have two different versions this time around. The latest iteration of the Nintendo-themed fighter is hitting both 3DS and Wii U. The handheld version launches first with portability, stereoscopic 3D, and the exclusive Smash Run mode. The Wii U version will hit later with gorgeous HD graphics, the return of the ‘My Music’ feature from Brawl, and more features to be announced later. Which one are you more excited for?

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Latest Persona Q Trailer Reveals Unexpected Mechanic

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 11, 2014 0

Today, Atlus released a brand-new trailer for its upcoming 3DS game, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. The two minute video reveals a returning mechanic that doesn’t really match up with the games origin. Persona Q is a spin-off title that includes the characters from the third and fourth main games, and so the same mechanics were expected. This isn’t the case, however, as mechanics from the first 3 games are returning – the ability for party characters to switch their Persona. This news will likely be well received as many fans were frustrated by the lack of diversity with party characters in recent titles. Make the jump to view the trailer.
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