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Poll: Will Super Smash Bros. Give Wii U Some Much Needed Momentum?

By Ben Lamoreux, April 16, 2014 8

Wii U sales have not gotten off to the strong start Nintendo had hoped for, and a big part of that is due to a lack of ‘must have’ first party titles. Recent releases like Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze provided only small, temporary boosts, but there may be no Nintendo title that gets people as excited as Super Smash Bros. does. Can Smash Bros. on Wii U help the struggling console turn things around? Cast your vote and join the debate!

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Watch Dog Spider

Watch Dogs Has Robots

By William Bishop, April 16, 2014 1

It’s been made apparent in some previous screenshots and trailers that Watch Dogs will feature some “strange” things, and evidently, massive, robotic spiders are taking the frame in this picture. How do we know? Thanks to a screenshot from Imgur by a user named, quite appropriately, Leakythings.

After the mecha dragons and flaming head zombies revealed in a the trailer shown below, it definitely causes us to ponder just how many elements of strangeness and uniqueness will unveil themselves a month from now with the release of the game.
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Poll: Does Little Mac’s One Hit K.O. Punch Give Him an Unfair Advantage in Super Smash Bros.?

By Joel Palermo, April 12, 2014 45

Amongst a variety of Super Smash Bros. details revealed during the latest Nintendo Direct, one of the most interesting topics discussed was Little Mac’s move set, which includes a one hit K.O. move called K.O. Uppercut. Once Little Mac builds up his power meter – an exclusive fighting component to his character at this time – by either dealing damage or taking damage, players will be able to utilize his one hit K.O. move at their discretion.

Details as to how easy it will be to connect with this move are still unknown, but the entire concept of giving a single character an insta-kill move has begged us to ask the question – does Little Mac’s K.O. Uppercut give him an unfair advantage against other players? Sure, Little Mac is extremely weak when it comes to aerial combat, but does that warrant giving him such a unique and powerful move? Make the jump to take the poll and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

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smash release dates

Poll: Are You More Excited For Super Smash Bros. 3DS or Wii U?

By Ben Lamoreux, April 11, 2014 11

For the first time in the history of the franchise, Super Smash Bros. will have two different versions this time around. The latest iteration of the Nintendo-themed fighter is hitting both 3DS and Wii U. The handheld version launches first with portability, stereoscopic 3D, and the exclusive Smash Run mode. The Wii U version will hit later with gorgeous HD graphics, the return of the ‘My Music’ feature from Brawl, and more features to be announced later. Which one are you more excited for?

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Latest Persona Q Trailer Reveals Unexpected Mechanic

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 11, 2014 0

Today, Atlus released a brand-new trailer for its upcoming 3DS game, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. The two minute video reveals a returning mechanic that doesn’t really match up with the games origin. Persona Q is a spin-off title that includes the characters from the third and fourth main games, and so the same mechanics were expected. This isn’t the case, however, as mechanics from the first 3 games are returning – the ability for party characters to switch their Persona. This news will likely be well received as many fans were frustrated by the lack of diversity with party characters in recent titles. Make the jump to view the trailer.
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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity and Golden Sun Headed to Wii U eShop, New Trailers Revealed

By Joel Palermo, April 11, 2014 2

The Wii U’s eShop will be receiving two new additional Game Boy Advance games on April 17 in the form of F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, which debuted in 2001, and fantasy JRPG Golden Sun, which also debuted in 2001. This isn’t necessarily new news, as Nintendo unveiled its upcoming lineup of Game Boy Advance games headed to Wii U a few weeks a go, but both titles did receive trailers on Thursday, which you can check out after the jump.
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watch dogs fall

Uplay Store Lists Watch Dogs Wii U For Fall Release

By Ben Lamoreux, April 11, 2014 6

Ubisoft’s hotly anticipated Watch Dogs was slated for release last year, but was delayed in order to achieve a higher quality. Since then, all versions of the game have been cemented in for a May 27 release date except Wii U. Ubisoft has not officially offered a date or window for release on Wii U, but a listing on their Uplay store now states that the game will becoming sometime this Fall. Wii U owners, will you be picking up Watch Dogs?

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The Canceled Darth Maul Star Wars Game That Began as a Nintendo-Exclusive

By Joel Palermo, April 10, 2014 7

Footage of a canceled Star Wars game featuring one of the series’ most sinister villains, Darth Maul, has been released in addition to a confirmation of the game’s existence by Game Informer on Tuesday. Reportedly, the game went into development under Force Unleased 2 co-developer Red Fly Studio in late 2010 as what was supposed to be a Nintendo-exclusive. As time progressed, the game shifted and was expected to release on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, but was abandoned due to a call for a change in direction from George Lucas. From the video passed along by Eurogamer, Force Unleashed fans should see a variety of similarities between the games starring Starkiller and the unreleased game starring Maul. Check out the video after the jump.
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‘Limited Number’ of Jobs Cut at Sega to Strengthen Sonic and Mobile Departments

By Joel Palermo, April 10, 2014 0

As part of a wider consolidation effort, Sega has cut a select number of jobs from its London-based office in hopes of strengthening its Sonic and mobile departments, the company announced earlier today.
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for fun for glory

Poll: Will You Play Super Smash Bros. For Fun or For Glory?

By Ben Lamoreux, April 10, 2014 21

During the exciting Super Smash Bros. Direct earlier this week, it was revealed that their will be two different styles for online multiplayer this time around: ‘For Fun’ and ‘For Glory.’ While Super Smash Bros. has a wide variety of great stages, weapons, and items, some feel this makes the game too unbalanced and not competitive enough. As such, many players stick to the strict rules of playing with no items, Fox only, and only Final Destination as a stage.

Whether you’re an ultra competitive player or someone just looking to have a great time, the new iteration of Super Smash Bros. has you covered. By selecting For Fun, you’ll have access to all stages (except Final Destination) and all items. By selecting For Glory, you’ll play exclusively on Final Destination with no items. However, to keep things from getting too repetitive, there will be a Final Destination version of every stage in the game. The only question left is: How will you play? Hit the jump and cast your vote!

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shiggy and peach

Surprise Nintendo Direct Reveals Tomodachi Life NA/European Release Date of June 6

By Ben Lamoreux, April 10, 2014 18

Update: The European version of the Direct video has now been added after the jump as well!

If Tuesday’s Super Smash Bros. Direct wasn’t enough Nintendo action for you, don’t worry, the Big N has already released another themed Nintendo Direct video. This time the focus is on popular simulator game Tomodachi Life. This 3DS title will be making its way to the Western world on June 6, and you can catch a video presentation (complete with many of the most prestigious Nintendo staff falling in love with the princesses they’ve created over the years) by hitting the jump.

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Favorite Moments From Super Smash Bros. Direct: Staff Picks

By Kevin O'Rourke, April 9, 2014 2

The Super Smash Bros. Direct dished out a huge amount of information about the upcoming Super Smash Bros. 3DS and Wii U releases. The GenGAME staff is going to give their favorite moments of the Smash Bros. Direct in this Staff Picks opinion article.

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