Korean Fan Working on Shenmue HD Remake

A Korean Shenmue fan has taken on the task of updating the Dreamcast cult classic in HD. The fan, known as NoconKid on YouTube, recently posted two trailers showing off his work on the remake.

USF4 screenshot

Capcom’s Hard at Work to Fix Ultra Street Fighter 4 Issues

Ultra Street Fighter 4 has been released through the PS3 and Xbox 360 marketplace as well as retail. With the release through Steam, the game itself is having technical issues with its online activity and stability. Capcom however, is on the case as they are working to rectify the issue.


Ryse: Son of Rome Coming to PC

Crytek’s Ryse: Son of Rome will be released on PC later this year, featuring 4K resolution. The game will be released both physically and digitally.

Banner Mark of War

Warpforged Games Announces Kickstarter Project: Mark of War

Indie studio Warpforged Games has announced an upcoming kickstarter for its first project, a turn-based fantasy-themed strategy game. Mark of War will allow players to build and customize armies to fight on tabletop battlefields. The developer’s crowdfunding campaign will launch in August 2014, with a pitch aimed at fans of tactical gaming.


Evolve Delayed Until 2015

2K Games has delayed Evolve, the upcoming cooperative shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, the developer responsible for Left 4 Dead. Originally scheduled for release on October 21, Evolve will now be released on February 10, 2015.


An Assassin’s Creed: Unity Short Film by Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie was requested by Ubisoft to help explain some of the events during the time period in which Assassin’s Creed: Unity takes part. Teaming up with The Walking Dead illustrator Tony Moore, Rob Zombie gives us a 5 minute animated short about the French Revolution, with details of the violence during a time of… Read more »