The Pause Menu: PS4 in 2014 and Beyond

This weeks episode of The Pause Menu focuses on the PlayStation 4 and its upcoming lineup. The panel talks about its software, or lack-thereof, for the coming months and whether or not the Xbox One can close the gap this holiday season. The team also discusses the possibility of potential bundles, a future price cut,… Read more »


The Pause Menu: Do System Sellers Still Exist?

It looks like we have have a name for our weekly panel discussion: The Pause Menu. This week we take a look at the idea of games that are System Sellers. We look back at games from previous generations and talk about whether nowadays, one game can really sell a system. Make the jump to… Read more »


Weekly Panel Discussion: EA Access

This weeks panel discussion focuses on the recent announcement of EA Access, EA’s new monthly service that will allow gamers to play a backlog of old EA games, get early access on upcoming games, as well discounts through digital downloads. We talk about the service, along with predictions of how it will do, if other… Read more »


Weekly Panel Discussion: Problems with Kickstarter

This weeks panel discussion focuses on Kickstarter and the funding issues that have arisen over the last few years. Recently the developers of Mighty Number 9 asked for an additional $100,000, on top of the 4million that they have already received, just to add English Voice Acting. About a year back Tim Schafer’s crowd-funding game… Read more »


Weekly Panel Discussion: The Future of GameStop

What does the future hold for GameStop? With the steady transition to digital content, will they be able to survive long term during this generation of game consoles? Are they the modern day version of Blockbuster? Can they completely evolve to change their identity? All of these questions are discussed in this weeks panel discussion…. Read more »


Watch Dogs Midnight Release Launch Party

Late on Monday night I traveled out to GameStop in Round Lake Beach, IL with the folks from GamersGather to take part in the launch event for the recently released Watch Dogs. With a crowd of over 50 people, the launch party was a success complete with dozens of trollish interviews, a guy who poured… Read more »


Forward Compatible Podcast: Nintendo 3DS Talk

It took a couple years, but the entire team at Forward Compatible has now acquired a Nintendo 3DS and this weeks featured topic talks about our experiences with the console. We end up talking about the library of games, the brand new Nintendo 2DS, a possible 2DS Lite, and future games we are looking forward… Read more »


GenGAMEcast 057: Greatness Awaits

Tonight, the GenGAMEcast makes another glorious return to discuss the PlayStation 4 launch. We’ll talk about everything (and nothing), including coverage of the launch games, hardware features, and all our favorite (and least favorite) things. Also, is that a teaser for Naughty Dog’s first PS4 game? Tune in at our Twitch channel for greatness incarnate.


GenGAMEcast 055: We Have The Xbox One

Oh, it’s back – and George and Kevin brought a gift for Trevor. In this week’s show, Xbox One design talk combines with the recently-announced Nintendo-Sega partnership and a discussion on what we want to see in the next Super Smash Bros game. We will be recording our weekly shows at 7:45pm Eastern / 4:45pm… Read more »


GenGAMEcast 053: ‘GG Vita’

It’s that time again where we talk about the week in gaming. This week was completely overshadowed by Nintendo’s 3DS direct so that is essentially what this show is about. Get yourself (and your wallet) ready for Zelda 3DS, and the rest of the 3DS Direct video presentation from Nintendo.


GenGAMEcast 052: Nintendo’s Wii U Solution

It’s that time again where we sit down, and try and make sense of this week in gaming news. Join Trevor, George and Aaron Ludington as they take on this week in gaming news. On tonight’s show we will be discussing the Adam Orth situation, EA and their recently retained title, Nintendo’s 3rd party lineup,… Read more »


GenGAMEcast 050: ‘StupidStupidStupid’

This week on the GenGAMEcast we bring Brad Vanderhoef down to celebrate 50 wonderfully awesome episodes of the GenGAME cast. In addition to a bunch of screenshots releasing for Battlefield 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5, we dissect the recently announced additional features of the PlayStation 4, and we count down Kevin’s top 10 RPG… Read more »