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Forward Compatible Podcast: Nintendo 3DS Talk

By Mases Hagopian, January 2, 2014 2

It took a couple years, but the entire team at Forward Compatible has now acquired a Nintendo 3DS and this weeks featured topic talks about our experiences with the console. We end up talking about the library of games, the brand new Nintendo 2DS, a possible 2DS Lite, and future games we are looking forward to. We also end up having a competition to see who can name more of the Top 25 3DS games from a listing from an online gaming website. We end the discussion talking about the future for Nintendo as a whole, whether a new handheld or Nintendo home console will eventually come out, or perhaps a handheld/home console hybrid. Make the jump to check out the video podcast.

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Forward Compatible Podcast #50: Disney Infinity

By Jason Hodges, January 21, 2013 0

After a few months of getting everything sorted out, the Forward Compatible Podcast is back here at GenGAME and each weekly episode should be available early Monday morning from this point forward.

In this weeks episode we cover several of the latest news topics and rumors, including pieces on Skype for Xbox Live, Monster Hunter for the Vita, some PS4 rumors, Tomb Raider, Skyrim DLC, Violence in Media, Classic Mega Man, and the Duck Hunt Kill Screen. The main topic of the week focuses around the newly announced Disney Infinity. We touch on its comparisons to Skylanders, how we think it will do commercially, and what this shift means for the industry as a whole.

Make the jump to check out the YouTube video or you can download the podcast directly from Media Fire.

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Forward Compatible Podcast Episode #33

By Mark Anderson, September 27, 2012 0

In this week’s podcast, the Forward Compatible team talks NHL 13, a recent update by Valve about their hardware, PlayStation Plus coming to the Vita, the PlayStation 3 4000 model, Nintendo’s investment in Unity, ARMA 3′s recent incident in Greece, and the retirement of Bioware founders. The team also answers this week’s questions, including our most-remembered sayings, Borderlands 2 as GOTY, our thoughts on the EA’s recent Valve buyout offer and the continued fan-favorite tournament style good guy vs. good guy, bad vs bad, and sidekick vs sidekick, and ends with this week’s discussion – an in-depth look at the Tokyo Game Show.

Check out this week’s podcast after the break.

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Forward Compatible Joins GenGAME: Podcast Episode 29

By Mases Hagopian, August 27, 2012 0

Forward Compatible was one of the sister websites of GenGAME on the Dungeon Gaming Network, but we’re now proud to announce that they’re joining the team here at GenGAME. Every Sunday, they put out the Forward Compatible Podcast, talking about the weeks latest news, latest rumors, and a particular discussion topic of the week.

In this week’s podcast, the Forward Compatible team talks about recent layoffs at Popcap, Plants vs. Zombies 2, the possible new Skyrim DLC, the Borderlands demake, and Fallout 4. The team also answers this week’s questions, including a couple about the worst movies of all time and games that have way too many sequels, finishing off with a giant preview of the team’s top picks of the next three months’ worth of new game releases. Go ahead and make the jump to check out the video.

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