PSP Discontinued in Japan

In 2004, Sony took on Nintendo and dived into the handheld market, releasing the PlayStation Portable. The console was hugely successful, to date selling over 70 million units worldwide. Home is where the heart is, as 19 million of these were sold in Japan alone. 10 years from launch however, it seems that the PSP’s… Read more »

Things Gamers Hate Multiplayer

Things Gamers Hate: Tacked-On Multiplayer

A few weeks a go, we talked about DLC and some of the negative effects it has had on the video game industry. This time around, we’ll be talking about the concept of “tacked-on” multiplayer in gaming because, to be honest, there are times when multiplayer just doesn’t belong in a video game. It’s not… Read more »

Things Gamers Hate DLC

Things Gamers Hate: DLC

No matter how many things there are to love about video games, there will always be certain traits that just plain piss us off as consumers or as fans of a certain franchise. In order to address those issues, I’ve decided to start a new series of articles that analyze some of the things we… Read more »