PS Play Sale Feature

PlayStation Store Play Event Returns With More Discounts!

Great deals are inbound as Sony dishes out the discounts and cash-back offers starting today. The PlayStation Store Play event brings forth four new games to pre-purchase with a discount for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription. The games themselves will be available to purchase on set dates, listed are the following: Rogue Legacy (July… Read more »


Skullgirls Encore is coming to PS4 and PS Vita in 2014

The fast-paced 2D fighting game Skullgirls was released 2 years ago and was praised by both players and critics. It was designed to be played in competitive tournaments, as well as engaging casual players. The game is easy to recognize with its hand-drawn visuals and original soundtrack that has a unique “dark deco” theme. During several… Read more »


PS4 Struggling in Japan

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has hit a slump in Japan, where the system has only sold 620,000 units since launching in February. Although the PS3′s successor remains the front-runner in the new-gen console market worldwide, having sold at least 7 million units, it has so far failed to gain significant traction among Japanese gamers.