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Xbox One’s April Update Starts to Roll Out Tonight, Brings Back Friend Notifications and More

By Joel Palermo, April 14, 2014 0

Xbox One’s April update will begin rolling out tonight and will continue to be released over the span of the next few days, Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced on his blog earlier today.

The update will bring back friend notifications, provide Blu-ray 50 Hz support, as well as Kinect refinements. The ability to easily identify friends in multiplayer games and view a friend’s most used apps will also be included in the update.
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Not Include DLC Party Members After Launch

By Joel Palermo, April 10, 2014 0

Due to past fan-related concerns, Dragon Age: Inquisition will not include post-launch DLC characters as a result of the game’s intimately crafted companion relationships and to avoid backlash from pre-placing DLC on the disc when it ships.
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Infamous: Second Son Hits 1 Million Sales, Patch Coming Next Week

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 10, 2014 2

Infamous: Second Son hit shelves on March 21, and by the end of the month had sold over 1 million copies. This impressive feat makes it the fastest selling game in the series, even though the current PlayStation 4 install base is lower than that of the PlayStation 3 when the other Infamous games launched. This makes Second Son the second PlayStation 4 game to hit the 1 million mark, after Killzone Shadow Fall. With this good news, Sucker Punch answered a few questions regarding next week’s patch.
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Media Create Sales: Mario Party Regains Top Spot, PlayStation 4 Sales Take Another Hit

By Ben Lamoreux, April 9, 2014 0

This week in Japan Mario Party: Island Tour has reclaimed the number one spot after briefly being knocked down last week. Overall sales were quite disappointing, as every single console reported lower numbers this week. A likely contributing factor is a recent sales tax hike in Japan. PlayStation 4 had an especially disappointing week, as its sales dropped to just barely above PlayStation 3. Hit the jump for the full breakdown.

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GTA Online Capture Creator Coming This Week

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 9, 2014 0

The official Rockstar Games Twitter account posted that the Capture Creator update for GTA Online is coming “later this week”. Capture Creator will allow players to create their own capture missions, in the same way races and death-matches can be created. This will be the first of a few updates coming soon, as Rockstar recently announced the Spring Update for Grand Theft Auto. A release date is yet to be confirmed, but when it is GenGAME will have all the details.
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Famitsu Compiles List of Top Ten Highest-Selling Games in Japan in the Past Year

By Ben Lamoreux, April 5, 2014 7

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has compiled a list of the top ten highest-selling games in Japan in the past year. This time frame doesn’t refer to 2013, but specifically to sales between April 3, 2013 and April 3, 2014. If the image above wasn’t a tip-off, Nintendo comes out quite well in the results. Hit the jump to see what Japanese gamers are playing.

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Prepare Your Crew, GTA V Online Heists are Coming

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 2, 2014 0

Rockstar announced today that the Spring Update for Grand Theft Auto V will bring many fan-requested features. The most important feature coming is the inclusion of heists, which have been teased since before the game launched. You can participate in these new co-op missions with your crew or with random online players, meaning everyone can enjoy them.
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3DS Vita

Media Create Sales: 3DS and Vita Gaining Momentum, PS4 Sales Continue Decline

By Ben Lamoreux, April 2, 2014 2

This week’s Media Create sales are a perfect example of the Japanese gaming market. Handheld sales are on the rise with 3DS topping the charts and Vita coming in second. Meanwhile, console sales are in decline, with PlayStation 4′s slow start get even slower.

The two games with the biggest impact this week are also indicative of the Japanese market. Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd took the top spot and pushed Vita sales. Meanwhile, 3DS sales jumped by around 25,000 this week with only one new entry in the top twenty: dating simulator New Love Plus+. You can catch the full breakdown after the jump.

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img_prd_01_l (8)

Brand New Final Fantasy XIV Beta Details for PS4

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 1, 2014 0

Square Enix gave new details concerning the next Open Beta for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. You’ll be able to join the servers again on April 4th, at 1AM PDT until the same time on the April 7th. The launcher will be downloadable from the Playstation Store as of this time, and this new version will be required to play. If you took part in the first testing period last month, you will need to un-install the original launcher and download the new one. PS4 system software 1.62 is the minimum version necessary to play.
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Sonic Lost World Zelda Crossover DLC Available Tomorrow

By Joel Palermo, March 26, 2014 8

Sonic Lost World for Wii U will be receiving new free DLC content tomorrow, March 27, in the form of a Sonic-Zelda crossover in which Sega’s trademark blue hedgehog sports Link’s iconic hat, tunic, boots and gloves in an open area that pulls from a variety of Zelda games – Twilight PrincessOcarina of Time and Skyward Sword, to name a few. Make the jump to view the trailer.
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Media Create Sales: Mario Party Tops the Charts, Vita Gaining Steam, Ground Zeroes Fails to Boost PS4

By Ben Lamoreux, March 26, 2014 2

This week’s numbers are in from Japan, and Mario Party: Island Tour is topping the charts. However, counting games that released across multiple platforms, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is number one overall, landing both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions in the top six. Unfortunately for Sony, this was not enough to boost sales of PlayStation 4, which is off to a sluggish start in Japan. Conversely, Vita sales are on the rise, with the standard edition Vita taking the number one hardware spot, and all combined Vita model sales sitting at second behind combined 3DS model sales. Hit the jump for the full breakdown.

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harvest moon

Media Create Sales: Harvest Moon, PS4 Top the Charts

By Ben Lamoreux, March 6, 2014 4

The second week since PlayStation 4′s Japanese launch has wrapped up, and the young console is still on top. With just over 65,000 sales, PlayStation 4 didn’t break any sales records, but it easily beat out the competition for this week’s top spot. Meanwhile, Harvest Moon: Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi (Connect to a New World in English) had a strong debut on 3DS, taking the number one spot on the software charts. Hit the jump for the full breakdown.

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