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Drive Club Director Talks Release Dates, Microtransactions and Racing Wheels

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 17, 2014 0

Design Director Paul Rustchynsky has provided more information regarding Drive Club, the realistic racing game exclusive to PlayStation 4. Since the game has been delayed multiple times, many people have been concerned, but Rustchynsky confirmed that the game will see a 2014 release date. It has been heavily rumoured that the game will be released June 12,  but he didn’t comment on these speculations.
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PlayStation 4 Sales Hit 7 Million

By Ben Lamoreux, April 17, 2014 5

PlayStation 4 got off to a fast start, and so far it’s not slowing down. Originally projected to sell 5.5 million units by March 31, expectations are being exceeded. Sony has revealed that, as of April 6, PlayStation 4 has eclipsed 7 million units sold. This puts it about 1.5 million units ahead of expectations. PlayStation 4 now has a notable lead over Xbox One in these early days, and it has also surpassed Wii U, despite a one year head start. By comparison, PlayStation 3 sold just under 4 million units in its first year on the market.

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Sony Computer Entertainment Sells Square Enix Stocks and Records $47 Million

By Ryan Dinsdale, April 16, 2014 2

Sony Corporation recently announced at a press event that Sony Computer Entertainment has come to an agreement to sell its 9.52 million shares in Square Enix to financial firm SMBC Nikko Securities. Following the sale, SCE reported that ¥4.8 billion (just under $47 million) was earned.
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Watch Dog Spider

Watch Dogs Has Robots

By William Bishop, April 16, 2014 1

It’s been made apparent in some previous screenshots and trailers that Watch Dogs will feature some “strange” things, and evidently, massive, robotic spiders are taking the frame in this picture. How do we know? Thanks to a screenshot from Imgur by a user named, quite appropriately, Leakythings.

After the mecha dragons and flaming head zombies revealed in a the trailer shown below, it definitely causes us to ponder just how many elements of strangeness and uniqueness will unveil themselves a month from now with the release of the game.
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The Last of Us PS4

Multiple Retailers List The Last of Us Remastered For Release on June 20

By Ben Lamoreux, April 15, 2014 0

Sony is giving Naughty Dog’s immensely popular title The Last of Us a fresh new paint of coat, remastering it for PlayStation 4 with tuned up graphics. We know from the game’s first trailer that it’s slated for a summer release, but that’s still a pretty broad window. However, Best Buy, GameFly, and Target are all currently listing June 20 as its release date. This could just be a placeholder, and GameStop and other stores are still using the generic ‘December 31′ placeholder date, but we’ll be keeping our eyes out for any official confirmation from Sony.

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Assassin's Creed Comet

Rumor: Assassin’s Creed Comet to be Set in Ancient Rome, Alleged Concept Art Leaked

By Joel Palermo, April 12, 2014 2

Alongside recently revealed Assassin’s Creed Unity, exclusive to new-gen consoles, Ubisoft is also said to be working on an Assassin’s Creed game for Xbox 360 and PS3 named Assassin’s Creed Comet. At the moment, there hasn’t really been any information given about the era in which Comet will take place, but a recently posted image of what appears to be concept art for the game by DeviantArt user DarthDestruktor suggests that Comet will take place in ancient Rome, as hinted at by the artwork’s clothing, footwear, gladius and overall appearance. Make the jump to view the full image.
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New Destiny Screenshots From GDC

By Harrison Bolin, April 11, 2014 2

During a presentation at GDC by Nvidia, some new Destiny screenshots were released. Along with that, another screenshot featuring the Shrike (shown above), a speeder like vehicle, was also made available. The two screenshots from the Nvidia presentation showcase Nvidia GameWorks OptiX Ambient Occlusion. Long name, but it helps with lighting and shadows. Make the jump to see see what Destiny looks like without its makeup.

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The Canceled Darth Maul Star Wars Game That Began as a Nintendo-Exclusive

By Joel Palermo, April 10, 2014 7

Footage of a canceled Star Wars game featuring one of the series’ most sinister villains, Darth Maul, has been released in addition to a confirmation of the game’s existence by Game Informer on Tuesday. Reportedly, the game went into development under Force Unleased 2 co-developer Red Fly Studio in late 2010 as what was supposed to be a Nintendo-exclusive. As time progressed, the game shifted and was expected to release on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, but was abandoned due to a call for a change in direction from George Lucas. From the video passed along by Eurogamer, Force Unleashed fans should see a variety of similarities between the games starring Starkiller and the unreleased game starring Maul. Check out the video after the jump.
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Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Not Include DLC Party Members After Launch

By Joel Palermo, April 10, 2014 0

Due to past fan-related concerns, Dragon Age: Inquisition will not include post-launch DLC characters as a result of the game’s intimately crafted companion relationships and to avoid backlash from pre-placing DLC on the disc when it ships.
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the last of us-vga2012

The Last of Us Remastered Gets Its First Trailer

By Ben Lamoreux, April 10, 2014 0

The Last of Us is getting the upgrade treatment, heading to PlayStation 4 with improved graphics. Sony has just unveiled the first trailer for the Remastered version. Few details are given, but we know the game will run in 1080p and Naughty Dog is targeting 60 frames per second. You can get your first look at the upcoming game after the jump.

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The Last of Us Remastered Will Be Developed By Naughty Dog, ‘Targeting’ 60 FPS

By Ben Lamoreux, April 10, 2014 1

Following a plethora of rumors and leaks, Sony finally officially announced The Last of Us Remastered for PlayStation 4. More details of upgrades and added content are sure to be coming in the near future, but for now, Director Neil Druckmann has teased via Twitter that the remastered version will still be handled by Naughty Dog, and thanks to the improved hardware of the PlayStation 4, the team is targeting 60 frames per second.

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the last guardian

Famitsu: New Details and a Release Date for The Last Guardian Could Be Coming Soon

By Ben Lamoreux, April 10, 2014 4

The Last Guardian, the long-awaited spiritual successor to the likes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, has been in development since 2007, but gamers still have nothing to show for it. Details are scant, and a release date is nowhere in sight. If you’ve been waiting a long time for this game, we recommend you put on your best skeptical face before reading this next line: new details and a release date may be announced soon.

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