Little Big Planet 3 Reveal Trailer

Little Big Planet 3 was announced today and received some stage time during Sony’s conference at E3. Little Big Planet 3 will have 4 playable characters with unique styles that affect gameplay and will offer different platforming challenges for players to create.


Bloodborne Debut Trailer

Bloodborne was announced earlier today as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. This was the leaked Project Beast that is being developed by From Software. Her’es the trailer.


Entwined Launch Trailer

Entwined is a new game coming out for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. It received a trailer today at Sony’s conference. We learned earlier that Entwined will be available on the PlayStation Store for $9.99


The Order: 1886 E3 2014 Trailer

The Order: 1886 received a new trailer for E3 this year. The Order: 1886 will be coming to PlayStation 4 early in 2015. It was initially coming out by the end of this year but recently delayed.


Batman: Arkham Knight E3 2014 Trailer Features the Scarecrow

Sony debuted a new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer during their E3 2014 press conference. The trailers shows Batman diving down from the top of his tower and soaring over a gloomy, rainy Gotham as he heads for his Batmobile. Then the Batmobile transforms into a tank and takes on the titular Arkham Knight. That’s one… Read more »


PlayStation TV Announced for NA, Launching for $99

Looks like this E3 won’t be without a new hardware announcement after all. It’s been a long time coming, but Sony finally announced PS Vita TV for North America – it’s called PlayStation TV, and it’ll feature all the connectivity of Vita TV. You can download Vita, PSone downloadable games, and PSP Classics, as well… Read more »


No Man’s Sky by Hello Games Debuting on PlayStation 4

No Man’s Sky by Hello Games has been confirmed to be debuting on PlayStation 4. The worlds are procedurally generated and allows players to travel between planets to discover resources on new worlds. No Man’s Sky isn’t debuting for the first time at E3 however; we’ve seen this game in an earlier stage last December… Read more »


Sony Partnering With Devolver Digital for Timed PlayStation Exclusives

Sony announced a partnership with indie developer Devolver Digital to bring their newest games to PlayStation platforms as timed exclusives. Newly-announced titles include Broforce, Titan Souls, Not a Hero, Hotline Miami: Wrong Number, and The Talos Principle. Click on for logos and screenshots for each.