BIC Flex4 FFA Halo: Reach Tournament Spotlight

On Saturday April 30th 2011, the BIC Flex4 Tournament kicked off at noon (EST) and featured the first round of Halo: Reach combatants. The second round was at 3 PM and hosted the remaining winners that advanced through the first round. The tournament is packed with Reach players who are armed to the teeth with… Read more »

Weekly Update: Brink

Over the past week Bethesda have been releasing a series of tutorial videos for their upcoming game Brink. The video’s aptly named Get SMART videos go through the core mechanic’s of the game. This First Video goes over a rough overview of the game.

Sony Announces PSN to be Restored This Week!

Finally some Sony/PSN news worth talking about. Sony announced via press conference minutes ago that PSN will be back up worldwide this week! Excited fan boys everywhere cry out in rejoice as your torment comes to an end! The official press release follows, the same press release was sent out on both the US and… Read more »

Fallout New Vegas Patch Fixed

In the wake of some issues with the latest patch, Bethesda claims to have corrected the issues that players were having with Fallout New Vegas’ 1.3 Patch. This patch was slated to make New Vegas’ DLC work, along with correcting several balancing issues with weapons. Unfortunately the original 1.3 patch caused errors for PC and… Read more »

Assassin’s Creed III Teaser Site Launched

So without any questions, another Assassin’s Creed game will be coming out. ¬†Ubisoft set up a teaser site which encourages people to spread the word to speed up the unveiling of a trailer. With it currently being at only 3% it would seem we have some time before we see a concrete trailer. ¬†The production… Read more »

Fallout: New Vegas, 1.3 Patch to be patched for 360

Fallout: New Vegas is commonly known to have been ridden with bugs(and not just Radroaches), but the 1.3 Patch has quiet a nasty one. The bug has been hitting 360 users with game freezes and unplayable save files. Even our own Kevin O’Rourke has felt the sting of the patch. Kevin has this to say:… Read more »

New Need For Speed: The Run Teaser Released

This just dropped from the Need For Speed YouTube account; a new trailer showing off another entry in the newly re-invigorated Need For Speed series of games. This time it seems you’re not just in a fixed area, but appear to be progressing through a cross-country race. We can’t wait to see what’s next for… Read more »

Sony Daily Wrap up – April 29th

Due to the overwhelming amount of breaking Sony/PSN/PS3 stories we’re changing to a daily post for updates on the PSN.¬† You can also reference the shiny new network status box on the right side of the page for quick updates on the status of all 4 major gaming networks. The news surrounding Sony has been… Read more »

Diablo III: Everything You Need to Know

I’m a Diablo fan and have been since the first game came out in 1996. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on the series because of the gameplay and the story. In this article I’ll talk about the upcoming Diablo game; Diablo III and speak about what I know about the game so far. I… Read more »

Hulu Plus on 360: Free Week for Almost All

Hulu Plus will become available tomorrow(April 29) on Xbox Live and thanks to Jack’s Beef Jerky, the first week is on the house! That’s right everyone with an Xbox Live account, Gold or Silver, will be able to use Hulu Plus for free without any additional subscriptions. The only exception to this is that the… Read more »

L+R+A+Start Pikmin Minithon

Our good friends over at L+R+A+Start are hosting another marathon over at their site here. Be sure to navigate on over to their live page so you can watch. This time it won’t be for a charity and will just be for fun so you don’t need to empty your wallets at all. This is… Read more »