Weekend Wondering


Weekend Wondering: Which Game Console Controller is Your Favorite?

Over the years we’ve seen literally dozens of different controllers. Some came and went; others left permanent marks on the industry. If there’s anything all controllers have in common, it’s that they’ve defined the way millions of people played during their stays on the market. Everybody has their favorites – diehard Nintendo fans tend to… Read more »


Zelda Fans Old and New Deserve Hyrule in HD

This is a staff response piece to this week’s “Weekend Wondering” community poll question: Weekend Wondering: Should Zelda Wii U Return to Hyrule or Visit a New Land? Feel free to share your own thoughts on the subject in the comments! With the Wii U, Nintendo has finally entered the realm of HD gaming. For… Read more »


Weekend Wondering: What Will Convince You to Buy a Wii U?

Judging by Wii U’s sales performance, it’s pretty clear that Wii U hasn’t convinced too many people to make the leap to Nintendo’s next generation system. This naturally leads us to question why that’s the case. Is there just not enough confidence in the system’s software lineup? Do people want to see more first or… Read more »