This is HyruleCraft Weekly. Watch GenGAME’s own Benny Girard recreate the classic landscape from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time within Minecraft! Benny’s goal is to end up with a 1:1 scale representation of OoT that he will turn into a playable adventure including NPC’s and other RPG elements.

Hyrulecraft Weekly airs exclusively on the GenGAME network page. Weekly shows air Fridays at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern (This may change soon). Other Hyrulecraft streams will be posted on the show calendar. New episodes are usually posted on this page within 48 hours of the live recording.

I want to apologize…

…to everyone for the lack of updates to this page. We have been so hard at work on the new-and-improved GenGAME 3.0 that Hyrulecraft has become a second tier priority. Now, we ARE still working on the project, but not at the fast pace that we were before.

You can still watch the latest episodes of Hyrulecraft Weekly here, but keep in mind that this page will be going through a few changes as well to help make it a more suitable hub for all things Hyrulecraft.

Thank you to the fans for the support,

Featured Video: Dampe’s Tomb Timelapse

This is still a work on progress, but we are going to be archiving all previous and upcoming episodes of Hyrulecraft Weekly here.

Episode 1: And One More Thing

The premiere episode of HCW shows off the stream connecting Zora’s Domain to the River, and what lies between.

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Episode 2: Where’s Kevin?

Benny does his first solo episode and shows off new PvP zones, as well as the first few rooms constructed of the Forest Temple.

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Episode 3: A Long Overdue Update

Benny and Kevin show off several extra areas that were built, but never revealed before to the public. In addition, more areas of the Forest Temple are revealed.

Coming Soon

Benny’s Contact Information:
Email: BennyG@gengame.net
Twitter: @nightphoenix16

Kevin’s Contact Information:
Email: Kevin@gengame.net
Twitter: @Shabazzle

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