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Twitch Plays Pokémon Dives Into Pokémon X

Twitch Plays Pokémon has finally set out on its crowdsourced journey into the Kalos region. The popular cooperative gaming stream began tackling Pokémon X on Sunday using a modded 3DS. For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon, Twitch Plays Pokémon allows online participants to collaboratively play Pokémon by typing button moves into the chat section of a corresponding gameplay stream. The effort was launched… Read more »


Hyrule Warriors: Darunia Character Trailer

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei have released a new trailer for their upcoming crossover title, Hyrule Warriors. The new trailer focuses on Ocarina of Time‘s Darunia and his Megaton Hammer, while also giving a good look at a portion of the Death Mountain-themed stage. In other Hyrule Warrior news, according to the game’s official Twitter account,… Read more »


Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition Brings Your Favourite Heroes

If you thought that you would only be able to play Disney Infinity with The Avengers figures, then you were mistaken. There will be three different play sets to choose from: The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye), Spider-Man (Spider-Man, Venom, Nick Fury, Iron Fist and Nova) and Guardians Of The Galaxy… Read more »


Hyrule Warriors: Princess Ruto Character Trailer

One cannot simply stop the hype this week when it comes to Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s crossover title, Hyrule Warriors, which is set to be released in less than a month in Japan. This morning a new character trailer has been uploaded to the game’s official site, which highlights Ocarina of Time‘s Princess Ruto and her water-based… Read more »


Hyrule Warriors: New Darunia Gameplay Footage

The hype train for Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s crossover title, Hyrule Warriors, continues to chug on today, with even more gameplay footage. In addition to all the announcements from earlier this week, the new screenshots, and the footage from today’s stream, there are now videos coming in from San Diego Comic-Con, where Nintendo has a booth… Read more »


New Hyrule Warriors Trailer and Gameplay Footage

Earlier this morning, we reported that a special stream for Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s crossover title, Hyrule Warriors, would broadcast featuring new footage from the game. Not only did the stream feature new gameplay footage for some of the newly announced playable characters and a first look at some of the previously announced villain’s movesets,… Read more »


New Hyrule Warriors Screenshots Showcase Ocarina of Time Announcments

As was expected after the slew of announcements from Famitsu this week, the official website for Nintendo and Tecmo Koei’s crossover title, Hyrule Warriors, has been updated with a ton of new screenshots showing off all of the Ocarina of Time-related characters, stages, and other recent reveals. It should also be noted that a special streaming… Read more »