Current Staff Openings

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So, you want to write about video games? Become part of the GenGAME crew! To apply for any open position fill out the form below.

For writing positions:

Please include a writing sample with your application. The sample should demonstrate your ability to report on recent news about an upcoming game. Here are a few examples to use as a reference when composing your piece:

For video positions:

Please include a URL to a sample of your work and detail your involvement in the production of the sample and any other experience.

We will generally respond to each application within 72 hours.

Important: Holding a position with GenGAME is voluntary (that means no pay), but as we grow more possibilities for incentives such as free review materials will gradually open up.
Also Important: Applicants should be at least 17 years old.

Current Open Positions:
Title Role Expectations
News Staff Contribute news pieces related to the games industry. At least 1 post per day or about 5 posts per week as a guideline for good standing.
Editor Responsible for helping news staff edit articles and contributing both news and editorial content to GenGAME. At least 2 posts per day or about 10 posts per week as a guideline for good standing.