New Super Mario Bros. U MiiVerse

Nintendo MiiVerse: Directing Gamer Frustration

Nintendo’s MiiVerse is a central aspect to the Wii U console’s operation and it has not only changed how we interact with one another, but how we interact with our games. Modern gaming is taking full advantage of society’s social media obsession, finally eliminating the stereotype of the gamer as an isolated recluse.

What is most telling on Nintendo’s MiiVerse is how players vent their frustrations. No longer do gamers have to scream in solitude and fling their controllers to the floor, through the window or at the television screen. Today we whine about everything online and now with MiiVerse we can do that without ever even leaving the game.


Robbie Lakeman is the new King of Kong

A new world record holder has been crowned for Donkey Kong and it is Robbie Lakeman. A relatively unknown contender emerged and surpassed previous world record holder Hank Chien. Lakeman’s score was 1,141,800, beating out Chien by just 3,200 points. Though Lakeman now has the highest score, a score of 1,206,800 was achieved by Dean Saglio using the MAME emulator. However, due to it being an emulated game, it is not recognized as the world record score. You can read more about the record and everything Donkey Kong over at the Donkey Kong Blog.


Batman: Arkham Knight Releases in June, Two Collector’s Editions Announced

Batman: Arkham Knight, originally slated to release this year, has received an official worldwide release date of June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

And if the game alone isn’t enough for those hardcore Batman fans out there, Rocksteady has unveiled two separate collector’s editions for players to choose from – the Limited Edition, which runs for $99.99 on consoles and €100/£74.99 on PC in Europe, Austrailia and New Zealand only, as well as the Batmobile Edition, which will be priced at an unbelievable $200.


Buy Destiny Digitally for Last-Gen Consoles, Upgrade to New-Gen Free

Bungie has mustered up a new offer for anyone interested in purchasing Destiny digitally for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, those that purchase the game through the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Store will be eligible for a free upgrade to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One version of Destiny. The offer will expire January 15th, 2015 so act now and redeem a free game just for buying Destiny digitally.


The Adventures of Lolo – Mutton Chop Game Critiques

Mutton Chop Game Critiques is a show where I look at video games past and and present and grade them as academically as possible based on the narrative, the aesthetics, the gameplay, and how the game make one feel through those three aspects combined. This week, I’m looking at The Adventures of Lolo!