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Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Taken Down by Square Enix

Final Fantasy Type-0 originally released for the PlayStation Portable back in 2011, never making it out of Japan. It wasn’t until E3 when Square Enix had announced the Localization of Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Agito. Before the announcement, a hacker who goes by the handle Sky, had been working on an English language patch for Final Fantasy Type-0 and was set to release it sometime in August of 2014. It wasn’t long until Square Enix took notice of the project and had contacted Sky to pull the English patch down and the pages related to Final Fantasy Type-0 from his website. Sky updated his site with this to say.


The Wolf Among Us Review – Telltale’s Finest

Telltale is no stranger to the Adventure genre within video games. For several years now, they’ve managed to create gripping stories with compelling characters that people have come to love or hate, which their greatest success easily came two years ago with the release of The Walking Dead. Telltale took the popular comic book and gave us a story that expanded upon the world outside the series, and with it came two characters that developed a groundbreaking relationship.

The Wolf Among Us is a prequel that takes place within Bill Willingham’s Fables, a comic series that deals with characters from fairy tales and folklore within the human world. Like The Walking Dead, it is an episodic adventure game that crafts the player’s experience as they make decisions throughout the story’s progression.


Xbox Sales Doubled in June, but PS4 is Still #1

Many gaming fans breathed a sigh of relief last month, as Microsoft finally released a Kinect-less Xbox One model. Launching on June 9th, the new bundle now matches the price of its rival: Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft have since revealed that removing Kinect has caused a huge increase in sales, as figures have doubled from May to June. “We’ve seen sales of Xbox One more than double in the US, compared to sales in May, and solid growth in Xbox 360 sales.” Despite this, Sony recently announced that the “PS4 is #1 top-selling US next-gen console in June, [for a] 6th month in a row.”


Weekly Panel Discussion: The Future of GameStop

What does the future hold for GameStop? With the steady transition to digital content, will they be able to survive long term during this generation of game consoles? Are they the modern day version of Blockbuster? Can they completely evolve to change their identity? All of these questions are discussed in this weeks panel discussion. This week I’m joined by the team over at Forward Compatible and you can check out the full video after the jump.


Upcoming The Walking Dead Episode Receives Trailer and Release Date

Telltale Games have released a brand-new trailer and release date for their upcoming Walking Dead episode. Season 2: Episode 4 is titled Amid the Ruins, and will release on a variety of platforms from July 22-24. PC and Mac users can download the game first via Steam on July 22nd, along with PlayStation 3 and Vita owners in North America. A day later the game will be downloadable for European PlayStation users and Xbox 360 users. iOS users can play the latest installment on the 24th. Expectations are high for the penultimate episode, following the intensity of its predecessor. Telltale also released the final episode of The Wolf Among Us last week, which is said to be one of the developers best yet. 


Ducktales: Remastered – Mutton Chop Game Critiques

Mutton Chop Game Critiques is a show where I look at video games past and and present and grade them as academically as possible based on the narrative, the aesthetics, the gameplay, and how the game make one feel through those three aspects combined. This week, I’m looking at Ducktales: Remastered.