Gamer’s Fascination With Console Colors

Though we often discuss the differences between game-consoles—why Microsoft added this, why Sony added that—one aspect remains the same across the board. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U are all black. If a variation is released, the best we can expect is usually white. In the past, designers haven’t been as strict. The Nintendo DS has over sixty color variations, and even home-consoles have worn brighter hues. The focus should be the beautiful worlds, big explosions and epic stories, but the console’s color is more important than you might think.

bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 Releasing October 24th

Nintendo had a ton of announcements today regarding release dates for their fall/holiday season. Among these release dates was Bayonetta 2, which will launch exclusively on the Wii U October 24th. Back in June at E3, Nintendo announced that the sequel would be bundled with the first game at no extra cost.


New Bravely Second Trailer

After the success of the 3DS-exclusive RPG, Bravely Default, Square Enix has been hard at work on the game’s sequel: Bravely Second. During the Japanese Nintendo Direct this morning, a new trailer for the game was unveiled.

Halo 2 Lockout

Lockout From Halo 2 Gets a Complete Overhaul in The Master Chief Collection, Gameplay Released

Halo 2 fans will be happy to know that Lockout, a small arena type map and an all around classic, will be returning with a complete overhaul in The Master Chief Collection, according to

Lockout joins the likes of Ascension, Coagulation, Zanzibar and Sanctuary as the fifth Halo 2 map to be re-imagined in The Master Chief Collection, which releases on Nov. 11. Make the jump to watch actual gameplay from the recently revealed map, courtesy of Polygon.


Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to the ‘New 3DS’

With the increased processing power and additional buttons present on Nintendo’s recently announced new line of 3DS systems, the ‘New 3DS’ and ‘New 3DS XL,’ there will come a day when quite a choice selection of games will be released that will not be compatible with any of the currently available models. However, with the new line of 3DSs not coming West until at least next year, it’s unlikely that anyone will feel ‘forced’ to upgrade until early 2016.

However, during this morning’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, the first of these inevitable ‘New 3DS’-only titles was announced. A port of the Wii’s Xenoblade Chronicles, featuring recently-revealed Smash fighter Shulk, will be released on the ‘New 3DS.’


Nintendo Announces ‘New 3DS’ and ‘New 3DS XL’

Two brand-new 3DS models were revealed today by Iwata during Nintendo’s Japanese Direct.  The simply titled, ‘New 3DS’ and ‘New 3DS XL’ will launch in Japan on October 11 for the price of ¥16,000  (around $150) and ¥18,800 (around $180) respectively. Bigger screens, lengthened battery-life, added buttons and improved 3D effect are just some of the new features.