Minecraft Coming to Xbox One September 5th

Minecraft launched two years ago on the Xbox 360 and saw an immense following. Digital sales brought in enough revenue that there was a physical version of the game released and then saw a release across Sony’s consoles. Microsoft has officially given the go ahead on Minecraft for the Xbox One. We will see the official release for the game this Friday on September 5th.

Walking Dead Season Two

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Two Review

Telltale found quite the success with The Walking Dead back in 2012, obtaining several awards and taking Game of the Year away from several other contenders at Spike’s Video Game Awards. The story that followed Lee Everett and Clementine through a world ravaged by zombies was both compelling and gripping because the decisions you made shaped every relationship you had within the game. I felt this game was a stepping stone in what is to come for story development within games and shows how strong a relationship can become over a short period of time.

The Walking Dead: Season Two had its first episode released back in December and has had a new release every other month alongside The Wolf Among Us – another game I loved this year. This time the story centered around Clementine as she makes her own choices and builds from the lessons that she was taught from the first game.



Indie 16 Bit JRPG Legena Goes Back For a Second Try at Kickstarter

We first saw Legena: Union Tides during its July Kickstarter, and now have the opportunity to have another look. This 16-bit RPG didn’t make its original funding goal, but is giving it a second try with updated graphics and more polished mechanics. This RPG pays homage to the 16-bit era with its graphics and play-style, but excels in improving existing mechanisms. Make the jump to learn more.


Zelda e-Shop Sale Coming to UK to Celebrate Hyrule Warriors

Nintendo UK has announced a 10% off sale coming to Wii U and 3DS over the coming weeks. In celebration of Hyrule Warriors release on September 26, each week a variety of Zelda titles, old and new, will have a reduced price of around 30%. Even Hyrule Warriors itself will be reduced by 10% upon its release date.


The New 3DS: Unnecessary or Essential

Nintendo’s announcement of the New 3DS has caused cheers and complaints, but above all, confusion. Is this a new system or just a slight upgrade? The most obvious addition to the New 3DS is a bunch of buttons: two triggers and a second analog stick have been added. Perhaps the most underwhelming feature of the 3DS is the 3D itself, which now seems to be fixed. The handheld now tracks your head using camera and gyro-function, so while using 3D, the image follows you and doesn’t just turn into a blurry mess. A new way to save battery takes the form of an auto-adjusting screen. Based on the lighting, the brightness will change to the ideal setting without any effort from the user . Technical upgrades include Amiibo support and more powerful CPU, meaning traversing between menus is faster, along with downloading games. With great power, comes great games–exclusives at least. A port of the Wii’s Xenoblade Chronicles is the first game that will only work on New 3DS, leaving the current versions behind. These features are definitely cool, but do we really need all this new stuff?


Gamer’s Fascination With Console Colors

Though we often discuss the differences between game-consoles—why Microsoft added this, why Sony added that—one aspect remains the same across the board. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U are all black. If a variation is released, the best we can expect is usually white. In the past, designers haven’t been as strict. The Nintendo DS has over sixty color variations, and even home-consoles have worn brighter hues. The focus should be the beautiful worlds, big explosions and epic stories, but the console’s color is more important than you might think.