Natsume Reveals Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley for 3DS

All we have so far is a logo, but fans of the Harvest Moon series will be glad to hear that the series will be coming to the 3DS in full 3D. Natsume announced the new title; Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley and says that more will be coming at E3. In a recent blog post by Natsume’s community manager CeeCee they announced three new Nintendo titles that are coming soon. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is one of those three titles.


PSP Discontinued in Japan

In 2004, Sony took on Nintendo and dived into the handheld market, releasing the PlayStation Portable. The console was hugely successful, to date selling over 70 million units worldwide. Home is where the heart is, as 19 million of these were sold in Japan alone. 10 years from launch however, it seems that the PSP’s lights have finally been turned off in its own territory, as Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that the console would no longer be shipped to the Japanese market as of June 2014. Following the launch pattern, the worldwide selling will likely cease by the end of the year. The information was said during a promotional campaign for Sony’s current handheld, the PlayStation Vita. The new console isn’t doing great in terms of sales, but still has potential and a constant stream of games being released.


Watch Dogs Sells 4 Million Copies

Watch Dogs has sold 4 million copies which breaks another Ubisoft sales record. Watch Dogs had previously broken the Ubisoft record for first day sales, and now it claims the title of being Ubisoft’s best-selling game in it’s first week.


Samurai Warriors 4 Coming to North America and Europe in October

Tecmo-Koei just announced that Samurai Warriors 4 will be coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on October 21st in North America and October 24th in Europe. This will be a return to Sony platforms after the Samurai Warriors franchise was exlusively on the Wii and 3DS with Samurai Warriors 3 and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles.

Smash Bros First Person

Battling Master Hand as Link in First Person Smash Bros. is Serious Business

Ever wondered what it would be like to witness a Super Smash Bros. battle in first person? Well, YouTube user pipocaVFX has got you covered, as their most recent video gives us a look at what a battle against the infamous Master Hand might look like from a first person perspective. And who better to demonstrate this than our favorite green-tuniced hero, Link? Make the jump to check out the video.


Arkham Knight Delayed to 2015, New Battle Mode Trailer Released

Batman fans get a mixed bag of news today. Rockesteady has released a new Battle Mode trailer showing off some of the weaponry that will be used and promising a more full reveal next week at E3. However, this new trailer ends by flashing a ’2015′ release date for Arkham Knight, meaning the game has been delayed from its planned release this October. You can catch the trailer after the jump.


Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies DLC Receives Two Trailers

Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes 2 has received many patches recently that have dramatically changed it’s gameplay. An upcoming DLC introduces the US Forces as a playable faction, adds Oberkommando West forces and new maps along the Western Front. These two new factions will be a supplement to Company of Heroes 2′s online play which has been patched during the last few months. There are two new trailers and an extended Let’s Play gameplay video from Relic that is over 30 minutes long.

Broken Age

Double Fine’s Broken Age Now Available on OUYA

Broken Age, developed by Double Fine is now available on the OUYA. This brings the two highest gaming-related Kickstarter projects together which is significant for crowd-funding in the video game industry. Often we see games that are successful through the support of Kickstarter and it’s nice to see OUYA and Broken Age come full circle.