Steamworld Dig Review

Steamworld Dig, a robotic-western-themed indie title, was released just shy of a month ago through the Wii U’s eShop. The game’s developer’s, Image & Form, were kind enough to send us a review copy of the game, which turned out to be a surprisingly fun addition to my Wii U library, and something I’d highly… Read more »

Walking Dead Season Two

Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season Two Review

Telltale found quite the success with The Walking Dead back in 2012, obtaining several awards and taking Game of the Year away from several other contenders at Spike’s Video Game Awards. The story that followed Lee Everett and Clementine through a world ravaged by zombies was both compelling and gripping because the decisions you made… Read more »

Unrest Header

Unrest Review

On the surface, Unrest appears to bring together all the right ingredients for an irresistible indie fantasy RPG. In a genre obsessed with unfolding heroic quests in Tolkien-inspired worlds, Pyrodactyl Games made its Kickstarter-funded project stand out from the start by setting it in a fictionalized version of ancient India. Committed to originality, the developer wanted to create an unconventional story-driven adventure that would react… Read more »


The Wolf Among Us Review – Telltale’s Finest

Telltale is no stranger to the Adventure genre within video games. For several years now, they’ve managed to create gripping stories with compelling characters that people have come to love or hate, which their greatest success easily came two years ago with the release of The Walking Dead. Telltale took the popular comic book and gave… Read more »


Shovel Knight Review

After a number of delays and a huge amount of support from their Kickstarter campaign, Yacht Club Games has finally released their very first game. Shovel Knight is an action platformer that draws a ton of inspiration from multiple classic NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games. Some of those include: Castlevania, Duck Tales, Super Mario Bros…. Read more »


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

What’s this? A new IP from developer Airtight Games and publisher Square Enix that has a fresh, original idea? That it’s a new IP coming out of Square Enix is already interesting, but add the twist that you’re a murdered detective trying to solve the mystery of your own death (as well as a broader… Read more »


Risk of Rain Review

Risk of Rain is an action-platformer with roguelike qualities, which makes every playthrough a new and different experience. There’s a certain charm to the game that makes it very addicting to go from one round to another. The item layout, enemy distribution, map selection, and the types of items that appear change every time you… Read more »


Mario Kart 8 Review

As soon as I accelerated off the starting line of Mario Kart 8‘s Moo Moo Meadows, accompanied by a lovely soundtrack that resembles traditional Irish dance music, I knew I was in for a treat. Nintendo’s latest iteration in the Mario Kart series is chock-full of color and innovative gameplay that will leave players smiling,… Read more »


Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

Wolfenstein is back after being absent from home consoles for five years. Developed by Machine Games and published by Bethesda, Wolfenstein: The New Order tries something different with a unique timeline. It tells a different kind of story, a very dark one in fact. Add a dark, solid story to some old school first person… Read more »


Titanfall Review

Titanfall is, without a doubt, the breath of fresh air the first-person shooter genre has needed for quite some time now. Gameplay is fast, action-packed and keeps you coming back for more, while diversity between the game’s Pilots and Titans make for dynamic combat scenarios that play out like intense Chess matches. As a whole,… Read more »


Threes Review

My Twitter feed has been abuzz with word of Threes ever since the game released on iOS a few weeks ago. This week, it finally found its way to Android. I bought it instantly without seeing so much as a trailer. Within minutes, I knew this game had dug its claws in. I’ll be seeing… Read more »


Thief Review

As I vaulted my way from rooftop to rooftop through Thief‘s opening sequence, following my imprudent protege, Erin, through The City’s malignant homesteads, my sense of anticipation for what Eidos Montreal’s Thief had to offer was at an all time high. Swirling mantles of mist caressing dingy city streets and moonlit rooftops paint a beautiful picture… Read more »


Contrast Review: A Game of Light and Shadow

Contrast released just a few days ago on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC, and was one of the two free titles offered to PlayStation Plus members along with Resogun. I downloaded the title for my PS4, and really didn’t know what to expect out of the game. It takes plays in a noir… Read more »


The Stanley Parable Review: You Are Stanley

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the 2013 release of The Stanley Parable. Originally conceived as a mod to Half Life 2, The Stanley Parable is now a standalone experience based upon the source engine. The Stanley Parable is one of many titles “Greenlit” by the Steam community. The game teases the player in it’s promotional materials trying to… Read more »


Disney Infinity Review: To Infinity And Beyond!

Ever since I was a child, Disney and Pixar managed to have some kind of influence on me. From the witty and clever escapades of the great mouse detective living under 221B Baker Street to the adventures of the toys from Andy’s room, I’ve grown with all of these great characters and cherish every last… Read more »


Rayman Legends Review: Touchable Fun

After a six month delay, the sequel to one of the most beloved platformers of the last generation had better show its worth. Fortunately for Rayman Legends, the latest from the studio helmed by series creator Michel Ancel, those extra months have paid off – the game’s simply packed with content, both old and new…. Read more »

These are just the Wu forces in Dynasty Warriors 8. This is about 1/4th of the roster.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

Dynasty Warriors 8 takes what is good about Dynasty Warriors 7, takes a pinch of Dynasty Warriors 3 nostalgia and creates what I think is one of the best Dynasty Warriors experiences I’ve had in a long time. The combat is fun, the levels are interesting, and the characters have interesting move sets and branch… Read more »


Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Review

When generations past came to a close, even better experiences can be found as developers had time to learn the hardware and push it to its limits. This generation is no exception. This year alone we have already had three tremendous blockbusters in the form of Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, and The Last of Us… Read more »


Project X Zone Review – The Ultimate Crossover

Over the years there have been many crossover games that have brought some of the best franchises together. Some have been successful about it, others fell into mediocrity. Project X Zone manages to take characters from several beloved franchises across three different companies and pair them up in a tactics-based RPG like nothing I’ve seen… Read more »


Pikmin 3 Review: Tiny Heroes, Big Adventure

Pikmin games have always been about seeing the world in a different way. You find yourself wandering in a world that in many ways is familiar to you: you recognize many of the plants, animals, and objects scattered about. At the same time, much of what you come across is alien, from the tiny plant-like… Read more »


Halo: Spartan Assault Review – Thumb Wars

Halo: Spartan Assault was released on July 18 and is available exclusively on Windows 8 devices and PC for $6.99. This latest installment in the Halo series takes place between Halo 3 and Halo 4, and has players fight as Spartan super soldiers Edward Davis and Sarah Palmer. Unlike the main series, it’s a single-player third person shooter that… Read more »


Arcania: The Complete Tale Review – An Incomplete Tale

Arcania: The Complete Tale, also known as Arcania: A Gothic Tale repackaged with the expansion as well as a few other titles, is an action RPG that just doesn’t make it. I’ve tried multiple times to write this review without comparing it to The Elder Scrolls due to its fantasy setting, but this title doesn’t… Read more »


Wii in Review: Mario Kart Wii

We’re less than a year away from the release of the next Mario Kart game for a home console: Wii U’s Mario Kart 8. And it’s been more than five years since Mario Kart Wii first raced onto Wiis everywhere in 2008. With the new racer taking so much from its Wii ancestor, including more… Read more »


Rush Bros Review: Get Funky Fresh

I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of Rush Bros (no, not related to Mario Bros) when I first started to play. The game allows you to customize your experience, because this side scrolling game allows you to play along to your favorite music tracks. The game is about two brothers, both DJs, that must… Read more »


Dead Island: Riptide Review – Returning to the Nightmare

Techland managed to shock and awe people with Dead Island‘s gruesome trailer, which depicts a family fighting off a zombie horde from their hotel. Dead Island released September 6, 2011 and was received moderately well and generated quite the following thanks to its visceral gameplay and excellent drop-in, drop-out co-op system. With its success, Techland… Read more »

mega man x

Virtual Console Review: Mega Man X

The Mega Man franchise was highly successful on the NES, but after six games, series co-creator Keiji Inafune decided it was time for a change. With the new SNES at his disposal, it was time for a new kind of Mega Man experience. Originally launched in 1993, Mega Man X was the start of a… Read more »


Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review: Your New Life Begins

New Leaf is my first experience with the Animal Crossing franchise, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, aside from exchanging gifts with my animal friends, building up my house, and of course being the new mayor. I’ve come out of it with more than just a game crossed off my bucket list –… Read more »

Resident Evil Revelations Review

Resident Evil: Revelations Review: Action and Fear Collide

Resident Evil: Revelations was originally released exclusively on Nintendo 3DS, and its generally positive reception prompted Capcom to remake the game in HD with new features for Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. As the version most closely related to the original, I picked up the Wii U edition of Resident Evil: Revelations…. Read more »


Wii in Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

We’re set to get our first glimpse at the next Smash Bros. in just a few weeks. Since announcements like these only come once in a generation, now seemed as good a time as any to select Super Smash Bros. Brawl as my next candidate for the “Wii in Review” series. It wouldn’t really be… Read more »


Evoland Review: More Like Devoland

Evoland is a self-proclaimed look back at the development of the action-adventure and RPG genres – and it takes that role both seriously and literally. Beginning in a monochromatic world where people exist as sprites and can only move in four directions and moving through various evolutionary stages to a more “modern” look, the game… Read more »


Wii in Review: Super Mario Galaxy

Mario is the ultimate benchmark for any Nintendo platform. How Mario looks, feels, and plays will define the bar for which the rest of the games on that system will strive. Fortunately for Wii, its premier Mario title – Super Mario Galaxy – was a spectacular showcase of all that Wii could do. Galaxy demonstrated… Read more »


Wii in Review: The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

Now that the pipeline of major Wii exclusives has really really slowed to a halt, we’ve decided to go back and review many of the critical pieces of the system’s lineup – with the rose-tinted glasses that tend to accompany that New Game Smell sufficiently gone and never to be seen again. We’re calling it… Read more »


Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Review: A Frighteningly Fun Game

The original Luigi’s Mansion was a fan-favorite on the Gamecube, and the Nintendo faithful have been waiting well over a decade for a sequel. E3 2011 sparked those dying hopes back to life when it was announced that a new Luigi’s Mansion game was coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Nearly two years later, Luigi’s Mansion:… Read more »


Lego City Undercover Review: Building Blocks for Greatness

It’s fair to say that Lego City Undercover was the biggest Wii U release in the first quarter of 2013. Sure, there was that one Monster Hunter game, but Lego City was published by Nintendo, full of broad ambitions, and most importantly of all completely new. As such, the game had a lot riding on… Read more »


Mighty Switch Force! Review: Reach For the Skies

A couple weeks back, WayForward announced Mighty Switch Force! 2, the sequel to 2011’s Mighty Switch Force!, which debuted on the 3DS eShop before being released in HD on Wii U’s eShop at the system’s launch. The announcement represented as good a time as any to go back and review the first game, which chronicles… Read more »


BioShock Infinite Review: To the Sky and Beyond

Dreams take people to places they’ve never been, or in some cases, places they wish to be. Often they manage to make us question our own reality and even push us to strive for more. The problem that lies within dreams are that they are trapped, and it is up to us to make them… Read more »


To Rapture and Back Again: A BioShock Tale

When a game is capable of pulling you into a world and successfully immerses you in the moment, more often than not, you’re going to cherish those memories in that world. Video Games are often created with the intent of telling a story in a world that’s not like ours with a means of being… Read more »


Gears of War: Judgment Review – Co-Op At Its Finest

There aren’t too many things that’re more satisfying than running a bayonet through an enemy’s chest or using a chainsaw to carve someone in two. The Gears of War franchise has notably brought on this sense of brutality and gore since Epic released its first entry in 2007. Since then, the series has not only… Read more »


Trine 2: Director’s Cut Review – A Thing of Beauty

I don’t often make game purchases based on looks alone, but Frozenbyte’s Trine 2 was an odd exception. The game mixes breathtaking visuals with a traditional side-scrolling perspective and features simple puzzle-adventure gameplay in a whimsical fantasy world – and all of that sounds like it’s right up my alley. It was also one of… Read more »


Fire Emblem Awakening Review: A Must-Have 3DS Title

With the slew of games for the Nintendo 3DS slated for release this year, the first of them to be released was Fire Emblem: Awakening, a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. This exciting and extravagant game allows you to take control of individual units and craft them in a… Read more »


Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013: Green Keys & High Noise

Razer has given us an update on it’s flagship keyboard for 2013, and I decided to pick it up to see what mechanical keyboards were all about. For years I’ve been using a variety of keyboards–all non-mechanical, but this time, I decided that I was going to make the investment in a mechanical keyboard. Friends… Read more »

The Cave image

The Cave Review: Explore the Darkest Depths of Your Heart

The gaming community is buzzing with discussion about The Cave, the new puzzle-based platformer from Tim Schafer (Secret of Monkey Island) and Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts). This intriguing (and just a little bit bizarre) game sees seven different explorers, each with their own mysterious backstory and dark secrets, adventure into the depths of a sentient… Read more »


ZombiU Review: How To Survive Zombies In London

When the Wii U launched last year, I was excited to bring home ZombiU as one of my launch titles.  Although major titles such as Darksiders II and Assassin’s Creed III were among the available titles, ZombiU was a Wii U exclusive I had to sink my teeth into.  I’ve been a fan of survival and horror titles for years, and love how… Read more »


Darksiders II Review: The Best Zelda Game in Years

I went into Darksiders II with all the Zelda comparisons I’d heard still ringing in my ears – and it turns out they’re pretty apt. The dungeons, puzzles, special items, and overall progression system reek of Nintendo’s flagship fantasy franchise. Yet, Darksiders II goes one step further and offers more: heavy combat, tons of equipment… Read more »


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Review

Would-be kart racers have always met with one particularly stiff piece of competition: Mario Kart. It’s hard to gain relevance in a genre where such a well-known household name already dominates. That’s part of the reason why it’s so significant that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed managed to swoop onto the scene just as Wii… Read more »


Nintendo Land Review: Hysterical Fun for Everyone

When Nintendo started prepping a successor to Wii, one would have thought it would have made sense to launch it with a new sequel to the super-popular Wii Sports, the best-selling game of all time. But, in keeping with their recent tradition of bucking trends – even their own – that’s not what happened. Instead,… Read more »


Paper Mario: Sticker Star Review

As a longtime fan of the Paper Mario franchise, I had been looking forward to Paper Mario: Sticker Star ever since it was first announced. Paper Mario titles haves always impressed me with their outside-the-box thinking, clever design, and hilarious dialog. With Super Paper Mario deviating from the style of the first two games, many… Read more »


New Super Mario Bros. U Review: Newer is Better

New Super Mario Bros. U marks an important moment for Nintendo: it’s the first Super Mario game to debut with a home console since Nintendo 64 – and the first side-scrolling entry to do so since World on Super Nintendo. There’s a lot riding on the plumber’s shoulders: whether his debut Wii U adventure flies… Read more »


Borderlands 2 Review: Shoot, Loot, Compare, Sell, Repeat

Once in awhile you play a game that surprises you in almost every way imaginable. At the conclusion of Borderlands 1 (and all of its DLC) I craved a sequel, with more of everything. What Gearbox deivered was nothing short of my expectations–an expansive world, excellent plot, interesting characters, and witty writing kept me engaged… Read more »


Pokémon Black and White 2 Review

Reviewing the next Pokémon installment is always a tricky thing to do. Naturally, everyone has a different experience with the world of lovable fighting creatures, so it’s tough to quantify it down into a single definable experience. It’s also a challenge because the games are arguably very similar from release to release – both a… Read more »


The Last Story Review

The wait for The Last Story, the latest RPG from Mistwalker, the company founded by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, has been pretty long for American fans of the genre. First mentioned in 2009 before its Japanese release in January 2011, it didn’t see U.S. shores for a full year-and-a-half, before finally launching on August… Read more »


New Super Mario Bros. 2 Review

Super Mario Bros. was the game that got me into gaming, so the New Super Mario Bros. reboot and subsequent sequels have had a pretty hard act to follow. The release of New Super Mario Bros. 2 marks the first time that the franchise has seen a significant gameplay shift – not a mere set… Read more »


Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Review

Kingdom Hearts fans have been waiting a long time for Kingdom Hearts III. The last numbered entry in the storied franchise appeared six years ago, and since then we’ve had to endure a number of spin-offs, side stories, and rehashes as we waited for the true sequel to the Xehanort saga. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop… Read more »


Blacklight: Retribution Review

Blacklight: Retribution is the free-to-play sequel to Blacklight: Tango Down, an online multiplayer FPS that was released for Xbox 360, PC, and PS3. Retribution is currently only available on PC with no signs of a console release. It stays true to its predecessor as a multiplayer FPS with a wide variety of game modes and… Read more »


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Review

There have been a large number of anniversary titles releasing these past few years. The video game industry isn’t as young as it used to be, and many series are celebrating their birthdays with remade collections or special collectable items. Well, Final Fantasy has released Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy for fans to appreciate, and I am… Read more »


Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review

When it comes to FPS games I LOVE sniping. I don’t know what it is, but I just find the idea fun.  So, naturally, with a title like Sniper: Ghost Warrior I was instantly interested, one-shot, one-kill that is the backbone of this game…kinda, out of all the games I’ve played that have the word… Read more »


Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

How do you make a sequel to a game that was released over 25 years ago? Take the characters, put a shiny coat of paint on it, render it in 3D, add comical voice acting, make it super accessible, and give it a Borderlands-esque weapon generation system–but you know, less gazillioner. To say I was… Read more »


Logitech G510

Gaming keyboards are quite common, with each manufacturer trying to one-up the next; adding macro buttons, lighting, super-insane-hyper-response keys, and built in connectivity for headsets and mice. The Logitech G series (in particular the G510 and G19) add LCD screens into the mix. The G510 has a great set of features, plenty of macro keys,… Read more »


Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

The original Halo was the game that made me passionate about video games. I owned an NES when I was a kid and played a bit of Mario. I ran through the old Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games when I was a bit older; but the first time I picked up an Xbox controller and… Read more »


N-Control Avenger (Xbox 360 Prototype)

Originally written as an open letter to N-Control for, adapted as a review for Ed note: This review was based upon the current “Prototype” of the Avenger, received January 2011, we are still waiting on our updated model. In search of creating a device to enhance a player’s ability to play a game,… Read more »



Catherine is a very difficult game, not only in the most common sense, but also in categorizing it. I don’t think I’ve played another game like it, except maybe Q*Bert, if Q*Bert was a survival horror mixed with a Japanese dating sim and a hint of a murder mystery. “Baby with Chainsaw is a Killer…. Read more »


Jetpack Joyride (iOS)

I think we have all played helicopter at some point and sought to beat our friends’ high scores all day long, and Halfbrick Studio’s Jetpack Joyride succeeds at reviving that nostalgia, while providing it’s own unique twists to the classic.  As the title states, this game is available for all iOS devices running iOS 3.1.3… Read more »


F2P: Champions Online: Free For All

Champions Online is a Superhero MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) from Cryptic Studios. It was released in September, 2009 and was originally a paid subscription service. In January of 2011 the game became free-2-play and a majority of the content was made available to non-paying members. Players wishing to still pay for the subscription… Read more »


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

I remember when I first laid my hands on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, it was November of 1998 and it was raining. I wrapped myself in a blanket and sat about 2 feet from the TV. 13 years later, it was raining again, and I was playing it on a portable about… Read more »