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Don't Starve

Don’t Starve Coming to Vita

With the popularity of the indie genre taking off pretty well on the PlayStation 4, it should come as no surprise that Don’t Starve is coming to the Vita. Klei Entertainment has been dropping subtle hints that it was on the way, but they’ve finally announced an official date along with some other goodies involving… Read more »

destiny warlock

No Weapon Trading Among Friends in Destiny

With Destiny officially complete, Bungie has come out and clarified some of the things that are contained within the final product. In the most recent weekly update, its clarified that players will be able to transfer weapons between each of their characters, but trading with friends is not an option. The exact reasoning for this… Read more »


Legend of Korra: The Game Releases in October

Now that the third chapter for the animated series has come to a close, The Legend of Korra: The Game release date has been revealed – slated for an October release on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Steam. Developed by Platinum Games and published by Activision, The Legend of Korra: The Game is… Read more »

Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Passes On Wii U

Given the recent light of events, it should come as no surprise that Call of Duty: Advance Warfare wouldn’t be releasing on the Wii U, but for those that have held out hope that Activision would continue releasing┬áCall of Duty on the system, those dreams have been officially demolished. In a recent Twitter conversation, Sledgehammer… Read more »

No Going Back

The Walking Dead Season Two Finale Gets A Date

Its been a long and harrowing tale for Clementine in Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Episode five is aptly titled No Going Back and will see the ending of Season Two. Its been some time since Season Two started back in December, but we’re finally going to see the second chapter of Clementine’s story come to… Read more »


Destiny Has Gone Gold

After going through some touching up after the Alpha and Beta builds were released, Destiny has finally gone Gold and is ready for its final release on September 9th. With the status announced, Bungie also made it a point to release a video for not only its launch, but to show their support of the… Read more »

Sony PlayStation

PlayStation Network Down, Hackers Claim Responsibility

The PlayStation Network went down one day earlier than was announced. A hacker group claimed on Twitter claims that their attack took it down. Anyone trying to access the PlayStation Store or the PSN on their PlayStations 3 or PlayStation 4 will be given a message saying that it is down for maintenance. Sony had… Read more »

unnamed (1)

Aegis Defenders Draws Near $100K Mark

As of August 23rd, Aegis Defenders was at $93,000, 114% of the original $65,000 goal. Now, as the game nears nearly a tenth of a million dollars in funding, the stretch goals for the game seem closer and closer. These goals include things such as local co-op, releases to additional platforms, unlockable achievements, new sidequests… Read more »

shantae hgh

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Updates With Release Date Delayed

According to WayForward’s recent Kickstarter update for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, the game has been delayed from its original October 2014 release date. WayForward has stated on their Kickstarter Updates page that due to the amount of funding it received along the time it’s taking to add the additional content, the planned October release date is… Read more »