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Skullgirls Encore is coming to PS4 and PS Vita in 2014

The fast-paced 2D fighting game Skullgirls was released 2 years ago and was praised by both players and critics. It was designed to be played in competitive tournaments, as well as engaging casual players. The game is easy to recognize with its hand-drawn visuals and original soundtrack that has a unique “dark deco” theme. During several… Read more »

defenders of eorzea

Final Fantasy XIV Patch “Defenders of Eorzea” is Now Live

Patch 2.3 dubbed “Defenders of Eorzea” has finally arrived, bringing forth a plethora of content from additional quests, dungeons, private chambers, and raising your own chocobo. Defenders of Eorzea continues to add on more content past the end game. The patch includes some bug fixes, more quests that involve the story, and additional side quests… Read more »


Sony Considering Early Access for PlayStation 4

Early Access is a program used by Steam allowing players to purchase and evaluate games that are still being developed, allowing developers to get the funds they need to complete their game. Sony has announced that they are considering a similar system for the PlayStation 4. Adam Boyes of Sony said in an interview with… Read more »


Dark Souls 2 Coming to PS4/Xbox One According to

A listing has appeared on for a ‘next-gen’ version of Dark Souls 2. Originally launching in March 2014, the game only appeared on PS3, Xbox 360 and later, PC. With the amount of re-releases of past generation games coming to the new systems, this wouldn’t come as a surprise. Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of… Read more »


Fans Decide on Dead Island 2 Collector’s Edition Contents

Perhaps you still remember about the Limited Dead Island Riptide ‘Zombie Bait’ Edition, which included a woman’s bleeding torso. The edition was only available for Europe and Australia, but the reactions were worldwide. The 12″ figurine was considered very offensive by some and it wasn’t a very desirable collector’s edition item. Deep Silver later apologized for… Read more »


New Destiny Gameplay Shows Off New Multiplayer Map Blind Watch

Bungie takes us on a tour of Destiny’s Blind Watch map on Mars. Hit the jump to watch the video. The beta begins July 17th for Playstation owners and July 23rd for Xbox owners. The full game will release September 9th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Source: IGN Youtube Channel

battleborn feature

Gearbox Announces New Game Titled Battleborn

Developer Gearbox announces a new “hero-shooter” game titled Battleborn. You can watch the trailer below. Gearbox themselves coined this title as a means to emphasize characters in the first person shooter genre which in today’s modern shooters, focus mainly on gameplay. Gearbox will discuss more through this month’s issue of GameInformer, which you can read… Read more »


PS4 Struggling in Japan

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has hit a slump in Japan, where the system has only sold 620,000 units since launching in February. Although the PS3′s successor remains the front-runner in the new-gen console market worldwide, having sold at least 7 million units, it has so far failed to gain significant traction among Japanese gamers. Recent sales data… Read more »