Countdown to Wii U


Wii U: Could Asymmetric Multiplayer Work for Zelda?

Countdown to Wii U: – 48 Hours Remain – When we were first introduced to the Wii U GamePad, I remember a lot of Zelda fans wondering whether the controller’s built-in screen would lead to some kind of Four Swords redemption that wouldn’t require a bunch of sold-separately handheld and extra connection cables for cooperative… Read more »


Wii U: What We Think and What We’ll be Playing

Countdown to Wii U: – 72 Hours Remain – With just three days to go until Wii U, we’re scrambling to make sure our lives are in place in time for the big launch – and that means figuring out just what the heck we’re going to play. We’ll be on the ball in terms… Read more »


10 Zelda Franchise Features That Should Return on Wii U

Countdown to Wii U: – 4 Days Remain – With Wii U, Nintendo has the chance to show off the best of what Zelda can be – so I think it’d be suitable to review their previous games and update some of the series’ most enduring game mechanics for the next generation. While I certainly… Read more »


Wii U is Literally Two Systems in One

Countdown to Wii U: – 5 Days Remain – One thing I don’t think Nintendo’s making clear enough is that Wii U is 100% backward compatible with Wii. I mean, sure, they’ve said a few times that you’ll be able to play Wii games on Wii U or use all your Wii Remotes, Nunchuks, and… Read more »


Wii U Was Made for The Legend of Zelda

Countdown to Wii U: – 6 Days Remain – The more time I spend with Wii U, the more I realize that there’s one Nintendo franchise in particular for which it’s a match made in heaven: The Legend of Zelda. I’m not just talking the GamePad’s touch input, which already proved its worth in Ocarina… Read more »


Everything We Know About Nintendo Land

Countdown to Wii U: – 7 Days Remain – Since most Wii U buyers seem to have gone for the Wii U Deluxe Set, Nintendo Land is likely to be one of the most-owned Wii U games. Nintendo is banking on Wii U to bridge the casual and core audiences and get people playing together… Read more »


Wii U: Nintendo’s Digital Strategy Isn’t Convincing Enough

Countdown to Wii U: – 8 Days Remain – Though I’ve always been a stalwart defender of the boxed retail model, lately I’ve come face-to-face with some of its limitations. For one, I only have so much shelf space. My entertainment center is already crammed with Wii and PlayStation games, DVDs, and the like –… Read more »


Wii U is the Most Controller-Neutral Game Console Ever Made

Countdown to Wii U: – 9 Days Remain – Most game consoles tend to offer a single core controller type. Sure, you get the occasional arcade stick or steering wheel peripheral, but those are narrowly designed for very specific audiences and genres. Last generation changed all that: Wii came out the gate with tons of… Read more »


Does the Wii U Have Enough Power?

Countdown to Wii U: – 10 Days Remain – Despite its undeniable sales numbers, the Wii was a console that just wasn’t taken seriously by a lot of people in the gaming community. There are several factors that contributed to the Wii receiving a lot of disrespect from gamers, but the biggest reason was that,… Read more »


How to Make Wii U Appealing In 2013 and Beyond

Countdown to Wii U: – 11 Days Remain – As its near complete sellout of pre-orders indicates, the Wii U is off to a fast start. Whether it’s diehard Nintendo fans, casual fans who loved the Wii and want the next step up, or gamers looking to get their hands on some next gen hardware… Read more »


Wii U Marks the End of Nintendo’s Era of Disruption

Countdown to Wii U: – 12 Days Remain – As technology advances, we’ve seen games become more and more sophisticated – but there’s a caveat: as things become more and more sophisticated, they start to cater to a crowd that becomes more and more specialized. We saw this with the progression of the first few… Read more »