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Disney Infinity Free On Wii U

With the impending release of Disney Infinity 2.0 upon us, its no surprise to see different deals occurring across several different retailers to push sales and clear shelf space with the first installment. Nintendo has also taken to trying this, but in a very different way that both supports the upcoming release of Infinity 2.0… Read more »


Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition Brings Your Favourite Heroes

If you thought that you would only be able to play Disney Infinity with The Avengers figures, then you were mistaken. There will be three different play sets to choose from: The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye), Spider-Man (Spider-Man, Venom, Nick Fury, Iron Fist and Nova) and Guardians Of The Galaxy… Read more »


Disney Infinity: Marvel’s Super Heroes Trailer

Disney Infinity fans will be able to play some of their favorite Marvel Super Heroes in the 2.0 Edition. Characters from the Avengers such as Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America can help you team up and save the world. A new trailer has been revealed, and you can clickity… Read more »


Skylanders Was Almost a Nintendo Exclusive

According to Polygon‘s interview with the creators of the ingenious Skylanders Swap Force series Toys For Bob, Nintendo could have had Skylanders all to themselves, with the liberty to add their own characters such as Pokemon, Link, Samus, and Mario. Hit the jump  to learn more.


Activision Says Disney Infinity Hasn’t Sold as Well as Skylanders

Last week, Disney claimed that sales of Disney Infinity have been on par with those of Skylanders. We later learned that the game managed to pull 294,000 software sales in its first two weeks. According to Activision, however, that’s pretty far behind the initial sales of last year’s Skylanders Giants, which opened to 500,000 sales… Read more »


Disney Infinity Scores 294,000 Sales in Two Weeks

Disney Interactive’s answer to their profitability woes, Disney Infinity, was a big gamble: the company put over $100 million into it with the hope that the NFC-powered merchandising scheme would pay off. Looking just at sales of Disney Infinity software, the game’s off to a good start – over 294,000 copies were sold in its… Read more »

Disney Infinity Off To Surprisingly Good Start

GameStop is reporting that the new Disney toy-to-life game is already red hot despite just being released on Sunday. GameStop’s President Tony Bartel put it simply by saying Disney Infinity is, “off to a very strong start, exceeding our expectations.” Hit the jump to hear more about Disney’s reaction.


Clash of the Titans: Skylanders Swap Force vs. Disney Infinity

Two companies. Two NFC-powered titles. Two ambitious reaches for the hearts and minds of today’s kids. When Skylanders broke out onto the scene a couple years back, I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical. The Spyro brand had been struggling to find its niche, particularly in light of the resurgence of other kid-friendly properties… Read more »


Report: Disney Infinity’s Budget is ‘Well Over $100 Million’

Disney Interactive has suffered massive financial losses in the past two and a half years, totaling nearly $600 million. As such, they’re banking pretty heavily on Disney Infinity as their ace in the hole. Employing a similar strategy to the highly successful Skylanders franchise, Disney Infinity combines a video game and sets of collectible toys… Read more »