Nintendo Direct Miiverse


Wii U: Bill Trinen Walks Through Nintendo Network ID, Miiverse, and the Internet Browser

We’ve already seen an overview of Nintendo Network IDs, Miiverse functionalities, and the Wii U Internet Browser during last week’s Nintendo Direct blowout, but Nintendo of America has kindly released a translated version of the direct presentation for English-speaking audiences, hosted once again by Treehouse’s Bill Trinen. If you want to get a close look… Read more »


Iwata Asks: The Developers of Miiverse

Today Nintendo delivered an Iwata Asks double strike! Following the release of the Miiverse producers interview, a second Miiverse-related interview popped up on Nintendo’s Iwata Asks page today, this time with the developers of the network, both within Nintendo and at Hatena, their Miiverse network-building partner. This one talks a bit more about what it… Read more »


Nintendo Direct: Wii U Chat Fully Revealed, Iwata Chats With Reggie

Tonight’s Nintendo Direct presentation showed off a brief look at Wii U Chat, including the video chat and hand-drawn messages options. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aime exchanged a brief conversation to demonstrate the features. Reggie said that now that he had to learn a little Japanese to communicate to… Read more »


Nintendo Direct: Miiverse Communities Revealed

Nintendo has long stated that Miiverse will have mini-communities based on specific games, but until now we had no idea how those communities would look! The screenshot above shows a glimpse at a Miiverse community based on New Super Mario Bros. U. You can see the ability to share in-game screenshots, message other players, and… Read more »


Nintendo’s Full Reveal for Miiverse

Nintendo finally revealed Miiverse’s final form during a special Nintendo Direct presentation that aired today. The screenshot you see above is of the Miiverse plaza screen you’ll see when you first power up your Wii U system. The game icons you see represent their respective games, while the Miis represent who is playing those games…. Read more »