Second Quarter Financial Results Q&A


Nintendo Won’t Offer Paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendo’s proven they’re willing to create paid downloadable content for their big franchises with their efforts to increase revenues from Fire Emblem: Awakening and more recently from new Coin Rush packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2, but they don’t intend to turn what was previously free stuff into paid unlocks. So if there’s any… Read more »


Nintendo Hopes Download Sales Will Reach an All-Time High with Wii U

Now that Nintendo’s set to spread the “downloadable version of packaged retail games” model across both their handheld and home console platforms with the launch of Wii U, the company’s hoping to see their highest level of download sales ever. The combination of retail downloads, Virtual Console, WiiWare, and eShop games should add up to… Read more »


You Won’t Need to Terminate Play to Use Miiverse on Wii U

During the original Miiverse demonstration video, released prior to E3 2012, we saw a demo that showed how we might use Miiverse in parallel with traditional gaming. Though the video didn’t directly confirm how we’d access Miiverse features from inside the games, the way things were presented did strongly suggest that we’d be able to… Read more »


Miiverse Means Smartphones Will be Nintendo’s Allies, Not Enemies

When analysts talk about the #1 threat Nintendo faces in the coming years, they don’t go to Sony or Microsoft. Instead, they think about smartphones and other mobile “smart” devices, which are becoming increasingly popular gaming devices. Nintendo doesn’t see smartphones purely as competitors, however; they also see mobile devices as their allies. That’s because… Read more »


Iwata Outlines Nintendo’s Philosophy on Software Patches

Wii and 3DS were notorious for being launched as “incomplete” hardware. Both lacked web browser support at launch, and both saw massive expansions of their online stores from a very limited variety to a much larger lineup. On the other hand, Nintendo games have only rarely seen software patches – I can count the number… Read more »